Festival Marquee Hire in Ilford, East London

The Event Specification

The Hindu festival of Diwali is the biggest of the year. Our client from a temple in Chigwell in Ilford, East London requested a cover for their Diwali festival to cover their 3000 visitors along with an additional marquee for food vendors and exhibitors to sell or showcase their product or service. They requested 450 square meters of cover as their main hall and approx 100 square meters for exhibitions.

The Challenge

The challenge on this events was that the marquee was to be installed in a car park and therefore a hard surface with a concrete base. As the event was taking place in October the weather was to play a big part in the installation due to the rain and the wind. We had to find a way to secure the structure without the marquee stakes. The 2 marquees were also to be joined together so the visitors can move between the marquee structure without getting exposed to the elements.

The Solution

We drew up a floor plan for the proposal with a method statement and risk assessment for their approval. Once the plans were approved after a few alterations a quotation was issued and agreed upon. We begin the installation early morning a week before the event was taking place so the temple organisation can set up and decorate the marquee to their requirements. Our 8 man team made the installation in one full day of 15 meters wide and 30 meters long main hall marquee and 6 meters x 51 meters exhibition marquee. We also installed guttering between the two marquees along the width of the larger marquee and the length of the small marquee. This made the guttering 15 meters long and therefore we had to make sure the rainwater was being directed to the gutter directly. We then secured the marquee with 500kg marquee weights on each leg of the marquee to make sure that the marquee did not move under any circumstances. We covered the blocks with white PVC covers and made sure the structure looks presentable for the celebration.

About This Project

3000 Visitor and exhibition Marquee for the Hindu Festival of Diwali. 15m x 30m marquee on concrete car park secured with concrete block all arranged by us.