Winter Marquee Hire

Convenient Winter Marquee Hire in Croydon

Premier Marquee Hire in Croydon is the leading supplier of winter marquees across the region, showcasing a range of high-quality, weather-proof structures suitable for any event! While we specialise in marquee solutions for various occasions throughout the more favourable months, we also offer exceptional Winter Marquee Hire services that elevate events all year round.


Bringing Warmth to Your Events

When the winter season rolls around, it’s easy to think that outdoor events are out of the question due to the temperamental weather. However, with our Winter Marquee Hire in Croydon and the surrounding locations, you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for any occasion, making the most of this damp and dingy season.


Some popular uses for our winter marquees include:


Christmas Markets: Transform your outdoor space into a festive wonderland with our winter marquee hire in Croydon. Providing the perfect shelter for vendors and shoppers alike, our services ensure that everyone stays cosy and dry while enjoying the seasonal spirit.


Outdoor Events: Whether you’re hosting a winter wedding, a corporate gathering, or a birthday celebration, our winter marquees offer a versatile and inviting venue. You can create a comfortable, undercover space for your guests to enjoy, complete with our selection of furniture hire.

Furniture Options to Suit Your Needs

To make your winter marquee experience even more convenient, we offer a range of furniture options that can be booked alongside your marquee hire. From gold framed seating arrangements to elegant dining setups, we’ve got you covered. Choose from a variety of tables and chairs to match your event’s style and purpose, with options suitable for casual gatherings, formal dinners, and everything in between.

Multiple Sizes for Various Capacities

At Premier Marquee Hire in Croydon, we recognise that every event is unique and comes with its own guest list. That’s why we provide a diverse range of marquees to cater to events of all capacities. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, you can be sure to find the marquee suitable for you.


Our marquee hire options include:


Small Marquees: Perfect for intimate gatherings, these marquees can comfortably accommodate smaller numbers.


Medium Marquees: Ideal for events with a moderate number of guests, these marquees offer flexibility and space.


Large Marquees: For grand occasions and larger gatherings, our large marquees provide ample space and comfort for your guests.


When you choose Premier Marquee Hire as a venue hire in Croydon, we offer reassurance of high-quality, durable marquees that will protect you from the English winter elements. Our marquees are constructed safely and securely, meaning you can relax and enjoy your seasonal event.

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