Indian Wedding Marquee hire Croydon, South London

The Event Specification

Indian weddings are always grand event with multiple functions and events taking place in a short space of time. Our client in Croydon, South London was holding a grand event with stylish and colourful decor. After the initial meeting at a wedding exhibition, we arranged a site visit at her home address where the event was taking place at the large and beautiful back garden. During the site visit the client informed me of her requirements which included a large marquee to cover up to 80 seated guests at round tables with the hire of tables and chairs from our furniture hire range and further 40 guests to float around the marquee and space for mehndi decor, Mobile bar, Trestle tables for buffet and space for the dance floor with a DJ. Plenty of space was very important to the client. Although the events were taking place in June the client wanted a walkway marquee in case of rain so guests can walk through from as close to their cars as possible. We carried out multiple meetings with the client upon which we also agreed on the marquee mehndi decor and mobile bar service. The client had a very good idea of her requirement which made our job very easy.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to incorporate the beautiful garden as well as work around it. A large marquee of 12 meters wide and 18 meters long was agreed to give the client 216sqm of internal space, with marquee lining and chandelier lights. The marquee flooring was also covered with cream coloured marquee carpet to give it a bright feel throughout. ​The mehndi decor consisted of coloured bases with velvet finishing of clients choice and bolster pillows. This was housed under a colourful canopy. We also recommended colourful uplighting to give it a party mood when the party really gets going. A 3 meters X 6 meters tent was also recommended as a walkway into the larger marquee so the guests enter without getting wet and minimum disruption.

The Solution

We began installation 5 days before the event was to take place. A 3 man team began installation of the marquee. We took part in the garden inside the marquee as there was plenty of space. The result was that the marquee felt like a hidden garden itself. We laid out the marquee according to the client specification with round banquet tables covered in ivory table cloths and the beautiful mobile bar to the far end of the marquee. The Middle of the marquee was for the mehndi decor and the DJ. we created the mehndi decor which consisted of green red and orange draping on pipe and drape system and seating the canopy. The marquee was lit with chandelier lighting and up lighters. We completed the installation in three days after which our bartenders came in with our glassware and begin setup for the night. The night was very successful and the client was very happy with the way the whole thing was carried out and made recommendations to her friends and family during the night.

About This Project

Hindu Pre-wedding event marquee at the back of the clients home. 12 x 15m Marquee with furniture and decor with bar service.