Exploring Different Celebrations you Can Host in a Marquee

Exploring Different Celebrations you Can Host in a Marquee

Choosing the perfect venue for your celebration can be tricky, with so many options to choose from making it difficult to make the right decision – from hiring a hall, to a conference centre, to a hotel or a restaurant. But have you considered a marquee? Marquees are a great venue alternative that you should consider for your next event, offering you a blank canvas to decorate as you please, with plenty of space, and all at an affordable price.

Here at Premier Marquee Hire, we have put together this short post, to discuss just 3 of the different types of events that you can host in a marquee. Premier Marquee Hire specialise in providing high-quality, durable and affordable marquees for all types of events across London and the surrounding areas.

To learn more, read on and for further information on our marquee hire in Kingston upon Thames, please visit our website today.


Marquees are absolutely ideal for weddings. Whether you want something intimate or on a much larger scale, marquees suit all wedding styles. A lot of the time weddings are held in traditional venues like churches or in halls, but marquee weddings are on the rise. Marquees are fabulous for weddings as they give you complete control over the design and structure of your space, so that you can decorate your venue to suit the theme and style of your wedding.

They provide you with a cosy and intimate atmosphere for your big day, that you can decorate with fairy lights, foliage, bunting and much more to create a romantic vibe that the happy couple and guests will adore. Marquees also allow your wedding to be in a beautiful setting of your choice, meaning you don’t need to be stuck in a venue that might not be your ideal choice.


Whatever kind of party you’re planning on having – whether it’s a birthday party, a reunion, a going away party, or an anniversary party – marquees are the ideal venue. They give you lots of space to host your guests, so that they have plenty of room to mingle and chat at your party. Often venues can have restrictions when it comes to how many people can attend, but luckily marquees are available in a wide range of sizes..

You can easily include a bar in a marquee, as well as decorate it with disco lights or other accessories to create the ideal party. They also provide you with a super unique and inventive venue for your party, that your guests will be sure not to forget. You can create the most fun and creative party for your friends and family, and give them a night to remember in a unique marquee setting.

Work Events

Marquees are also great for work events, no matter whether you’re celebrating a work anniversary, a promotion, or someone leaving. Often when we have work events we end up hiring a hall or business centre, as they seem like the easy option. However marquees are the ideal venue for a work event.

They are also an affordable option, and can end up being much cheaper than hiring out a space at a venue. Available in a range of different sizes, meaning you can cater for a team or department, or alternatively the whole business.

Hire a Marquee for Your Next Celebration in Kingston upon Thames

Here at Premier Marquee Hire we have a wide range of marquees to choose from, suitable for all kinds of celebrations and events – from weddings, to anniversary parties, to engagements and birthday celebrations. All of our marquees are extremely strong and robust, and provide you with the ideal blank canvas that you can decorate with your theme.

We have marquees in a wide range of sizes, whether you want a small marquee for an intimate event or a large marquee to fit a larger number of guests. They’re all priced affordably, offering you excellent value for money. Our expert team will be able to professionally install your marquee for you at your chosen location, and take it down once you are finished with it.

We work all around London and the surrounding boroughs, including Surrey, Middlesex, Essex, Sussex and Kent. If you feel like a marquee could be the ideal venue for your next celebration in Kingston upon Thames, then why not hire yours from Premier Marquee Hire?

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